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Space Between the Gaps are one of Australia's leading indie film production companies. The team joins both creative and productive branches of filmmaking, artistically, scientifically, and politically, they tell great Australian stories for universal audiences. We have built a relationship with SBTG over the years, helping to evolve their sustainable business model by introducing strategic approaches to their film making, investment modelling and growing their awareness in the international film festival circuit.

This time we had the opportunity to give them a new identity, presence and communication tools. Our goal was to reevaluate the concept of their name and explain the meaning behind their film making.

A New Message

'Space Between The Gaps', felt superfluous and unnecessarily long in many circumstances. The name as a concept itself, could be explained through image and video- which we had plenty of. We started to explore the possibilities of infinity loops, using the spaces in between each loop as lenses into their films, powerful but not overwhelming, containing but not covering. SBTG as a message became a gentle relationship between image, logotype and a solid catalyst in the new uncovered identity.

Research and Development

The SBTG team have strong visual and conceptual beliefs that drives their practice.

Trident Historically, SBTG used D. H Schuster's impossible trident as their logo mark. The effect: you will see something which appears physically possible yet which you know is not.

Typography and brand suite An adaptive system was created to apply to the SBTG service range

Stories of land and culture An important aspect of the SBTG approach are their reference to indigenous story telling, connection to the land and Australia's cultural heritage

The people of the land Central to many SBTG films are the local stories and the archetypal journey's of the local people, deriving universal themes that can be enjoyed by an international audience

Daring Shapes and Coherency

Impact and boldness was the driving force behind the typographic decision. The font chosen (HK Gothic - Hanken Design Co) flourishes in big sizes and reflects that virtue in its bold characters. Developing a core logo system also needed to work when reduced to it's essential pieces and then in an expanded headlining complement.

“Traditional advertising and marketing are dead and will stay dead. So creating relevant content at the right moment within a specific environment, with the right shape and design and without forgetting the interest of the audience is what remains necessary.”

Sam Hill

Co-Founder & Director of Strategy at Antimony

Digital Collateral

A new digital space was the place where the identity, concept and content could finally come together as a complete system. Giving further amplitude and breathability to the presence of their films. This supported an important component for the success of SBTG. Presenting film concepts, producing submissions for grants and pitching their films with international festivals was a constant moving ship and required connection with various film partners, including Film Victoria (insert link) and SBS (insert link). The team needed a platform to connect their submissions and presentations with multiple stakeholders taking into account the importance of creating content which not only talks about contemporary ideas and adaptations but also uses the same platforms as a channel to display information with a more serious tone.

An Agent of Culture

Antimony managed the project from the planning and strategy to definition, development, curation and delivery of the brand identity which is used daily across all of their digital communication channels. With SBTG due to premier a selection of feature films in 2020 along with several grant and funding applications in the process for their latest projects: Mary Jane, Fire Boy, Moon Juice Stomper & Arabunna. Antimony is a proud supporter of Eugene and the team in their pursuit of bringing authentic Australian stories to an international audience.

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