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ReDefined is New Zealand's first fully integrated health and wellbeing centre. The concept combines holistic medicinal practitioners with modern movement studios, classes and equipment. Their aim is to promote the best health, wellbeing and movement practices by being a leading voice within the New Zealand health and wellbeing community.

With over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry, founders James and Ben commissioned Antimony to create a brand identity and narrative that could communicate their unique offering and to develop a strategic direction that aligned with their vision. The multi-million dollar development is due to launch in 2020.

Industry Insights

Being a brand new concept, this project required deep analysis of the 4.2 trillion dollar health and wellbeing industry in order to justify a suitable direction for the brand.

In 2018, New Zealand was the first western country to implement a $600 million ‘wellbeing budget', this reflects why health and fitness is one of the most stable and fastest growing industries in New Zealand with 700,000+ current health club members nationally. For ReDefined, the Papamoa community is the second fastest growing suburb in New Zealand. With 7-10% year on year growth predicted from 2019 - 2024. Research enabled Antimony to create strategies based on their predicted membership catchment pool.

"We are living in an era where digitalisation has changed our methods of communication. We are facing a digital society in which content and form evolve every day, creating new ways to consume information. There is an infinite number of ways in which to communicate a single message. Audiences and platforms have continued to multiply and each requires a specific approach."

Sam Hill

Founder & Strategy Director of Antimony.

Researching community and the connection to the land

Despite not actually landing here, Captain James Cook named this region the ‘Bay of Plenty’ in 1769 because he observed many Maori villages with well-tended gardens from his ship the Endeavour. This 'well tended village' sentiment still remains true with the local community along with their deep connection to the land that surrounds them. ReDefined is located just minutes away from 125km of iconic golden sand coastline so it was critical that our design both was reflective of unique environment, and unified by the local community.

Connection to Land Taking symbolism from mountains in the region as a beacon for place and spiritual connection to the land

Historical Community Centres Investigating the representation of historical community centres that span across cultures

Visual Cultural Languages Referencing the visual language of Tuku Tuku & Kowhaiwhai unified by the indigenous Maori to share stories with their community

Centralising Community Exploring connection with the community and its people to the brand

Celebrate Native Landscape Drawing from the unique flora and fauna that makes New Zealand famous

A graphic identity sytem to build community and creating a sense of place

We built a graphic system that could be flexible and adapt across the various touch points of the brand. First, a logo was developed based off of the visual research into mountains, the teepee and the Marae (Maori meeting place). The symbol had to be owned visually and be a recognisable enough shape for ReDefined and their community to use while also conveying a sense of movement, and transition. Creating a family of supporting secondary shapes with the triangle representing sense of place and wellbeing and the circle representing community and health.

Compelling narratives to generate investment into the business

ReDefined needed a strong business plan to generate investment into the business. Antimony created a business plan that could act as a financial and investment tool, while also employing the compelling brand narrative to create a an engaging and functional document.

The founders James and Ben managed to secure investment from local partners who responded that the team had gone over and above to present a strong case for investment.

Expanding the brand narrative through different mediums

Nowadays in order to engage, expand and inspire an audience it’s important to create seducing and engaging content that not only showcases the products, but creates a narrative and presents a lifestyle. Our principal aim for the creative direction of this project was to create a layered brand narrative that's accessible across multiple touch points in the client journey. The narrative has the ability to expand and contract when required, connecting the dots of the brand, services, members and into the wider community.

Place making

For many people, holistic health is still an abstract concept. The patterns created were to illustrate a new language that reflect's the uniqueness of the concept and to make these ideas easily identifiable. This allowed us to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle through a contemporary, colourful and unique visual identity. In addition, we opened up new ways of telling stories, setting up a human centred way of communicating that could work across a variety of media, both online and offline.

Essential elements of symbolism

To translate the design into functional collateral and packaging we returned to the essential elements of the symbolism and language that was created. We focused on the raw elements of the brand and selected brand colours, matched with collateral that adds value to the business. Starting from the formal and organic shape of the brand symbol, we launched a process of transition from the literal to the abstract. Experiential value was the code at every level.

"I want to take this opportunity to state for the record our sincere love and respect for the work Sam and Dom did bringing our brand to life. Before Antimony we had nothing now we have a great brand, a unique story, a go-to-market strategy (all 80 pages of it) and a business plan that's helped us secure the investment we needed."

Jimmy August

ReDefined Co-founder

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