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The concept of "honahlee" was created with the purpose to spread a message of change and acceptance, encourage joining and suggest community through informative promotion, acceptance and celebration of recreational and medicinal cannabis culture in Australia. honahlee is Australia's first cannabis content platform, curated and run by Jordan Visbulis and Thomas Brown. The aim with the platform is to support and connect the cannabis and 'cannacurious' community with trustworthy, reliable and entertaining information about local and international cannabis news, research and information, moving the topic of cannabis into mainstream understanding and acceptance.

Introducing the big picture

We ran a strategy and customer journey mapping workshop with the honahlee team in late 2019. This was the start of a six month process of developing a strategy to communicate the initiative through an online content platform. Our engagement with the honahlee project involving art direction, illustration and website design, customer journey mapping and a custom build web development, finally enabling honahlee to begin generating a transmedia editorial environment to present their content, communicate their message and build their community.

"It’s unfortunate but true that I’ve had more negative agency experiences than positive ones over the last decade in marketing, so it’s refreshing to work with Sam & Dom. Their process is truly collaborative, and as a duo they are inquisitive, talented, and seek to understand the value they can deliver through their work. Instead of feeling like a client being managed by an agency, you have a real extension of your team working with Antimony."

Jordan Vizbulis

Co-Founder Honahlee

Meaningful content at meaningful moments

On a daily basis, honahlee will manage their social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn, facebook and their website. In order to spread informative and unique content through the most appropriate platforms at all times, we needed to make the website easy to manage and to ensure that the brand identity, illustration suite, animation, and design were accessible and relevant across a diverse range of media and turn key press angles into didactic yet entertaining content. Our aim is to generate debate, giving a broad perspective on the key cannabis issues affecting Australia's society today. From major issues, such as the legalisation of cannabis, to complex narratives such as medicinal cannabis treatments in Australia, honahlee takes an accessible approach, seeking to widen their audience beyond policymakers, academics and activists, to entrepreneurs, recreational users and those needing medicinal cannabis treatments.

Real People. Real Stories - We’re making the often stigmatised and complex world of cannabis simple and engaging so we all can feel comfortable and informed about cannabis as a part of Australian culture.

Explore - The illustration design had to explain the quality of the honahlee brand, the interesting and insightful content, the beauty of the environment where the community live and work and transmit their passion everyday.

honahlee logo - honahlee aims to bring together two distinct groups (recreational and medical) to form one cannabis community. This relationship is depicted as two hands coming together to form the Honahlee world. The wavy line through the centre is suggestive of smoke or vapour. The original logo was created by...

Search - The main objective for honahlee is to educate their community & to provide a user first approach for their visitors to consume content.

Ask Us a Question - Certain designs needed to present 'calls to action' to prompt users to make decisions and engage with the platform and the honahlee brand. These designs were based on universal form but in a honahlee style.

Community - With vivid colour photos of the community in their natural environments, we worked on humanising the art direction of the photography, transcending into the illustration designs that are friendly, approachable and interesting.

"With honahlee we wanted to reach and connect people through honest, well researched and insightful information, celebrating the stakeholders and their stories and with an action solution orientated mentality. With this positive approach we embraced the challenge in order to create a platform that meets the expectations of this ambitious and interesting initiative"

Dominic Studer

Founder & Creative Director at Antimony.

A Mobile first Content Platform

The custom built platform was our central point for content curation, using it to highlight and spread monthly reports, information and content from their contributors and partners, as well as featuring relevant third party headlines and opinion pieces (news). Content is posted weekly but also in more engaging formats through info graphics and user generated FAQs. Beyond this base layer of content honahlee generates unique content in the form of: podcasts, expert Q&A's, video interviews, and infotainments. Each piece has a distinct format in order to fulfill different requirements. Each piece of content is mobile first and can be shared across multiple platforms using deliberately non corporate and engaging - or 'pop' - visual language, with commissioned illustrations by Antimony Creative Director, Dominic Studer

Communicating with Purpose

The platform features a wide range of articles and content all focused on the people behind the community, their research, the space where they live and work, the cannabis universe and conversations between the community and the honahlee creatives. Since it's launch in February 2020, honahlee have had an overwhelmingly positive response. We are proud to be honahlee's design partner and look forward to supporting its growth within an exciting industry.

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