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Antimony were given the opportunity to build out the personal brand for one of the world’s leading health and well-being thought leaders. Foundational strategic work, brand positioning and communication strategies were required, along with a brand identity, marketing strategy and a full digital narrative application.

Dave is truly passionate about helping people and employs a deeply personal approach to solving serious health issues. A carefully crafted and authentic brand was created to address the strategic goals of his business, whilst communicating his unique values and emphatic dedication to his community.

Lessons in native advertising

In order to help Dave and his team reach new audiences, strengthen his brand and position him at the forefront of holistic, functional medicine, we needed to develop a radical new approach to his communication strategy. Brands are increasingly realising that they need to take themselves out of their environment to reach new audiences. Traditional advertising no longer works. Instead, companies are turning towards 'native advertising' - a type of digital advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Content is only indirectly linked to a brand, but it's coherence with the host platform means it is more readily absorbed and spread by it's followers.

"Dom and Sam have an amazing ability to capture the true essence of what my brand stands for. They skillfully communicated my ideology. When delivering a brand you want it to represent exactly what you’re about! Both of them have a great ability to understand this."

Dave O’Brien

Founder, Holistic Health Leader & Gut Health Expert

Macro Vs Micro Balance

Dave O'Brien's objective is to promote and spread formative, groundbreaking and inspirational cases for functional diagnostic nutrition, cultivating community, understanding stress, building resilience and developing mental strength. But to do this more effectively, a step outside of his immediate environment was needed. Dave had already worked on a foundation with a number of projects to change the perception of health and fitness and highlight his cross industry expertise - this was taking his narrative to a new realm. With a fluid approach to communication, we decided to develop a tone that reflected Dave's style of delivery which is authentic, disruptive and empowerment. We created his identity applying macro vs micro balance which places emphasis on Dave's philosophy that could be used across multiple platforms, strengthening the brand indirectly by focusing on 'native, content-led communication.

"Film, Illustration & Imagery are some of the best ways to develop a brand narrative. Exploring the values and ideas of a "master" such as Dave is a thousand times more interesting and engaging than saying to someone, buy my products and services, listen to what I'm saying."

Dominic Studer

Founder & Creative Director of Antimony.

Intimacy & distinctiveness

All personal brands require an intimate approach. The audience needs to feel that communication is coming directly from it's source, and is speaking authentically, clearly and consistently to them. Antimony used hand drawn typography reflective of Dave's own handwriting style, combined with (insert type face + link) and (insert type face + link) providing a creative offset not commonly found in the health and well-being industry. Working with a new character, a disruptor, one of the brightest and most outspoken gut experts of our time; we had the opportunity to make Dave's content fascinating from the beginning: we were given a huge archive of documents, drawings, models and photography. Everything Dave had worked on over the past 20 years was used to design a series of illustrations to represent the key modalities of his offering, adding another layer of meaning to his brand.

Graphic Development

In terms of a digital presence, we needed to find a new solution to showcase Dave's work and philosophy. We were looking to transcend Dave's ideas and thoughts, his inspirations, finding his essence and transforming it through a lens. On this occasion, the graphic work breathes Dave O'Brien's character - sharp, clean, precise - earthy and textured - steely greys and and icey blues, against a brighter, natural environment of the Australian bush. Following up with the strategic work we did with Dave to build out his products and services, we created a framework that used all of the pieces of his brand in a coherent, engaging manner that could be replicated and repurposed by Dave and his team for events, collateral and digital activations.

Collateral and product range

Working closely with Dave, we went over his personal background, he spoke of his inspirations and his beginnings. Creating a product range that contributes to his life goal of helping as many people as he can whilst spreading his personal message of healthy living and the importance of community. Looking into the future, the brand needed fluidity that can dial up and down, transcending from 1:1 private sessions with A list actors and athletes to key note presentations, gut health products and his book. During this process, Dave's passion to communicate, to give back his knowledge of health and well-being to society was clear. As an important figure he holds an important informative role. He was conscious of the importance of audiovisual material, and is constantly creating audiovisual pieces about his work and his philosophy with his team.


Treating the website as a platform where we could highlight the value of working with Dave O'Brien, gain insight into his methodology and inquire about his services. This was stage one of a custom Wordpress build that gives his audience the credibility required and depth of understanding to engage with Dave and his brand further. With a structure closer to an online media release rather than an informative website we aimed to always link Dave's philosophy with work that he'd produced himself or with other high profile collaborators within his network. With Dave, it's his results and experiences created with his clients that also needed to shine.

In some cases, we work with long established brands that need support with generating a narrative that works according to their essence and core values. In others, we develop a new one from the beginning. This means, first defining the positioning and strategy, then generating a story, content and a design in accordance with the strategy. We worked meticulously on Dave's strategy which resulted in a personalised, stylized finish that complimented Dave's experience and knowledge. In 2020, we are developing the brand further, along with Dave's product suite and the stage two development of his website, readying it for his first global campaign.

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