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Antimony is a strategy, brand, design and digital execution agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

We understand people, we are experts at this.

We move people, companies, and organisations forward through compassion, authenticity, resourcefulness, sound judgement and creativity.

Our Philosophy is simple.
We believe that equal parts curiosity, ambition, collaboration and exploration helps us to gain a greater understanding of the world around us. We call our approach 'Antimonious Design'.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller
(Author, Engineer, Architect, and Futurist)

We aim to support a movement towards an innovative and sustainable future.

We believe that profit, community, environmental impact and sustainability can thrive together to substantially improve people’s lives and enrich the culture and environment that surrounds us.

Sam Hill

Founder & Strategy Director

Sam has been working in marketing and brand strategy for over ten years. He has worked in large multinational agencies Carat Media and Colenso BBDO as well as leading Melbourne agencies Taylor & Grace and Social Garden Sam is a technofile and has a deep passion for new, innovative ideas and people that are trying to change the way we do things.

Sam is pragmatic and fearless when it comes to building identities, developing strategies and telling stories.

Before founding Antimony, Sam lead many strategic projects with award winning startups:, Buuteeq, Optimizely, Glownet and 1-Night. His appetite and knowledge in this area continues to grow. Sam now applies his expertise as Antimony’s Strategy Director, working closely with our team, clients and partners to help them realise their vision.

Dominic Studer

Founder & Creative Director

Dominic has broad experience within branding, graphic design and digital campaign creation. Before Antimony, Dom founded his own design studio, By and Large for seven years.During this time, Dom utilised his knowledge and experience building brands of the highest level, working with businesses like Lululemon, Sofi and Red Door Projects.

As creative director, Dom loves developing a businesses visual language and narrative.

Dom is also passionate about web development and leads our development team on all Antimony projects. Dom love's to dive deep into product and brand research for all of our projects. Being a great communicator, he enjoys leading the creative process across a diverse array of teams. His empathetic understanding of people, design and business results in truly unique and valuable results.

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